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Our company first recruitment will start this month (August), and the second recruitment is schedul for February. There is little time. You will only have days to submit your application. It will be possible to apply for increase aid only within one call for applications. Which will also start this month (August) and will last days. The aid will be paid in advance and settle in March. What conditions must be met? In the case of basic aid, the entrepreneur must meet all of the following conditions. Runs a business (not in liquidation or bankruptcy), and runs it throughout the first half of (concerning the first recruitment) of and at least one month of , for which it will present document costs of purchasing natural gas or electricity.

Dynamically developing enterprises

It incur total costs of natural gas and electricity of at least % of the value of sold production; in the last close financial year, he obtain at least % of the income from activities in sections B or C of the PKD; is not in arrears with the payment of taxes constituting Photo Retouching state budget income or social security contributions, which is confirm by certificates from relevant authorities issue no earlier than days before submitting the application; is not cover by sanctions impose in connection with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. An entrepreneur who meets all conditions entitling to basic aid, but the business activity must be conduct throughout.

In the Lower Silesian Our company

In the last close financial year, it obtain at least % of revenues in PKD subclasses or PRODCOM codes distinguish on the list of sectors particularly at risk of loss of competitiveness; will record a negative EBITDA result in or a decline in this result by Text Services at least % compare to (the condition must be met at the end of the year – if it is not met, the part of the aid exceeding the basic limit must be return together with interest ) ; by March , , it will present a “Plan for reducing the energy intensity of the enterprise”, which will include investments worth at least of the aid receive.

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