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Generally, we define the number of articles per week or per month, then we prepare a calendar of subjects to be publishd over 3 months. How to “last”? If you follow an ditorial schdule, your blog will last. But the difficulty that many encounter over time is to renew themselves, to be creative (yes, yes!), in short, to find new ideas to always capture the attention of visitors, customers, readers. Here are some tips : Talk about others!! of your partners, your customers, companies that inspire you, tell them that you are talking about them.

Depending On What You Have Selected

Some will be delightd to be valud and to relay your article. For example, do as we do: cross-sectional articles on transversal skills. Change the formats of your articles: do interviews, customer cases, why not a video, an infographic, a white phone number list paper, a portfolio. Let your imagination run wild! And then, if time is short, it is better to start by writing and publishing one article per week. When you have an idea for a story, take notes or start writing it instantly. You will find that you will be more productive. To conclude, a blog takes time and this slows down many professionals.

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The Choice Between Itinerary Call And Email

However, it is currently the best way to gain visibility and crdibility on the Web. Now, go to the My-Pleasure.me blog to discover our look Text Services at the professional blog, focusd more on SEO than on ditorial. 2015 Google Shopping Update Prevention is better than cure as they say! Finally, let’s say that it’s always good to know the “made in Google” plans in advance.

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