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Finally, last change to be expectd, the update should impact between 2 to 3% of English-speaking requests. Google Panda 4.2: news that will make people happy … or not Those who were penalizd by the Google Panda 4.1 update will be delightd with the release of this version 4.2! Inded, they will have a chance of being able to get out of a penalty , providd, of course, that they have workd well by making the necessary changes. If you are in this case, don’t be too impatient, you may have to wait a while before noticing the impact of this penalty exit on your organic traffic.

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Google Panda 4.2 is not likely to delight everyone, because let’s not forget that it is a hunt for sites poor in content. Sites therefore risk being whatsapp mobile number list penalizd during the progressive deployment of this update.How local SEO takes off with Google Pigeon? By Olivier Postd on July 22, 2015 SEO referencing Google Pigeon Update It’s official, the new Google Pigeon update, impacting local SEO, has been deployd in France. Let’s see together what this update has in store for your SEO.

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Google Pigeon, where does this name come from? On the French side, the pigeon is not really an animal that has class! So why this name, a bit ridiculous? Across the Atlantic, the pigeon is seen as a gps champion. Who has a formidable Text Services orientation ability to find certain places. Unlike Penguin or Panda, it is not Google who chose the name of this new update. Surprisingly and for the first time, a well-known SEO specialist, Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land, namd this update “Pigeon”. Phew, Google, is found not guilty for this eccentric name! Always one step ahead of France, Google Pigeon was already deployd in the Unitd States on July 24, 2014 and in other English-speaking countries at the end of December.

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