However this is not entirely true

In fact, Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram. Stories can also be discovered by non-followers (not too high of course). Using geolocation tags can help you reach people looking at posts from a specific locale. It’s also important to note that interaction created through stories is included in the overall interaction of the account. This is why it’s a good option to start sharing Stories to increase the engagement of existing followers.

Write engaging captions (descriptions)

Hashtags have always been an important part of Instagram’s growth. However, they can be harmful if done incorrectly. Using too many hashtags can signal to Instagram that your account is a bot or spam. It reduces access. We always advise our clients to use max most Iceland Phone Number List relevant hashtags. The 15 most relevant hashtags. These hashtags should also be changed. This means you shouldn’t use the same set of hashtags for all your posts.
A good hashtag strategy is to view each post individually and find the most relevant hashtags that align with your content. Finding the right hashtags can expose your content to new users, increasing your likes, followers, comments and overall engagement.

Even if you do all these, will your Instagram engagement still drop?

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Do not worry! That is a normal thing Text Services . Over time, Instagram will release new updates that may again negatively impact your engagement rates. It is very important to be aware of the latest algorithm changes and play by the rules. The tips shared in this post are universal and will prevent you from encountering big falls in the future. But new updates can still cause fluctuations. So understand your audience, keep adapting your content to keep your audience engaged and engaged so you don’t suffer from big drops.

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