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Instagram engagement may have decreased due to algorithm changes; however, new features and other updates offered by Instagram also create new opportunities to increase engagement rates. That’s why it’s essential to have and stick to an Instagram strategy that’s especially important.

Here are some tips to increase Instagram engagement:

Be active

The more often you post high-quality, engaging content that your followers like, the better chance Instagram has to show your content. The more engagement you generate, the better reach your posts will get. So, consistently post content that your audience likes. Post stories, videos, images, Hong Kong Phone Number List and reels to keep your audience engaged. Also, be sure to actively engage with your audience by replying to their DMs and comments.
However, you have to go a step further – take the initiative to interact with other similar accounts. Genuine likes, comments, shares and saves help you show that you are an active part of the Instagram community. Being active is the most effective strategy for increasing your engagement on Instagram.

Add value with your posts

It’s never a good idea to post to make it happen. Your posts should add value to your target audience (important to them) and of course be original. You can use social listening strategies to learn
Remember that there are millions of posts shared every day. If you want to make your posts stand out, they can do so by attracting attention. Share your personal opinions, experiences and new discoveries related to the interests of your target audience. Give them what they don’t know.
Remember, content that adds value is also more likely to go viral and be shared by many. Therefore, providing advice and helping your audience solve their problems can directly result in increased engagement on Instagram.

Post Instagram Stories regularly

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Many brands and influencers don’t se Text Services e the value of Stories because they think Stories are only for followers. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram. Stories can also be discovered by non-followers (not too high of course). Using geolocation tags can help you reach people looking at posts from a specific locale. It’s also important to note that interaction created through stories is included in the overall interaction of the account. This is why it’s a good option to start sharing Stories to increase the engagement of existing followers.

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