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Normally, you can add a single URL link to your Instagram profile. However, you can connect more than one URL to your Instagram profile with the multi-link tools you will use. For example, we use Linktree to add multiple links to our Instagram bio ( @survivordijital) . So from our Instagram bio to our blog posts, ebooks, etc. many more important content can be accessed.

Set Up Your Instagram Profile Completely

When you create a new Instargam account, could you have started creating content right away without spending enough time on the right profile? Because that’s what many brands do.
But building a successful brand on Instagram starts with a good profile. For this, you should focus on two key components: promoting your brand and highlighting additional advantages/differences so that people prefer your brand.

  • First, write a short Instagram bio that describes your brand . Of course, you can Malaysia Phone Number List take advantage of your competitors or examples of successful biographies. But it won’t draw attention when it’s not unique to you. Therefore, optimize your bio for Instagram with the highlights of your brand and the correct use of hashtags.

If you need more help with writing an Instagram bio, read our “ Instagram Biography Examples for Brands ” blog post.

You can configure your bio to show an Instagram store. So customers can tap the View Store button to browse your brand’s products and make a purchase from the linked eCommerce site.

Once you’ve set up your profile, start showcasing content that best reflects your brand or highlights your company’s current campaigns. Instagram gives you two ways to do this:

You can pin up to three Instagram posts to the feed feed . These Instagram posts appear at the top of your feed. You can periodically change the posts you will pin; For example, you can pin a new product or a new campaign, or you can choose to build trust by pinning great customer reviews and references.

Highlight stories in highlights . Featured stories appear right before your feed and can help customers understand your products and services, find resources, or browse user-generated content (UGC).

 Create a Comprehensive Content Plan

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To get your brand noticed on Instagram, you need a solid content plan to help yo Text Services u post content regularly. Your brand’s style guide can streamline the look of your Instagram content. But what topics should you cover in your content?

  • Focus on the topics and concepts that provide the most value to your audience. For example, you can create product demos, publish your best blog posts in chunks, or answer customer questions. With high-value content, your brand can stay in the minds of followers, build trust more easily, and reach a larger customer base. You can also take advantage of the agenda and trends while creating your content. For this, we recommend you to take a look at our ” Social Media Special Days Calendar – 2023 (Extensive and Updated List) ” blog post.

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