When creating a brand style guide

Share Texts: Will your brand prefer long-form descriptions filled with storytelling and helpful information? Or will you use short description texts?

Visual standards: You must have visual standards to accurately reflect your brand identity. If you haven’t yet, the following questions may help you.

When creating a brand style guide for Instagram, consider the following:

  • Brand voice and tone: What will your brand’s communication language be? Friendly, educational, distant? Will you use Mexico Phone Number List the language? Are you language?
  • Emoji usage: which emojis should you use? Will all emojis be free to use? heart emojis, flowers, bugs or swearing emoji or poop emoji? Will you use them all? Create a list of emojis for your brand. (to be used and prohibited)

How do you set your visual standards?

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  • Your brand personality: Have you determined your brand personality? What if your brand was a person? Bold and outspoken, helpful and informative? Or does your brand have different personality traits?
  • Colors that reflect your brand: Whether you borrow from your logo or develop a custom color scheme for social media, you should choose a consistent palette.
  • Feed aesthetics: Will you be working with vectors? Or will you use real photos? Or will you proceed with stock images? Will text/logo be used on images? Should your content have a technical look for B2B customers or a cute look for parents with young children?
  • Fonts your brand uses: Which fonts best reflect your brand identit Text Services y? Which fonts will you use in writing designs or stories?

for Instagram, you should compile all the above guidelines in a single document and share them with your digital marketing agency or social media team. This way, your agency or team can create some standard templates for your social media content. Thus, you create integrity in your Instagram account.

For example, Canva offers a branding kit that saves colors, fonts, and logos so you can easily apply them to social media content . With Canva, you can also create reusable post, story, and reels templates that reflect your brand style.

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