LinkedIn has rolled out the post scheduling

Instagram is testing the feature of pinning a Reels to your Reels tab and hiding the number of Reels likes with selected, LinkedIn has rolled out the post scheduling users.YouTube has launched a Shorts viewing experience optimized for TV screens. YouTube introduced Go Live Together, which lets you invite other YouTubers to your live stream using your mobile phone. TikTok has rolled out Audience Insights within TikTok Ads Manager to help advertisers better understand their target audience.

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Get the latest social media trends, news and best practices for December and define your 2023 strategy.

We now know that people spend more time on social media than on search engines. That’s why every month from this month onwards, we’ve decided to publish short summaries of the most Bolivia Phone Number List important social media news, tips and ideas we come across. This way, you will have the insights you need as you review your monthly strategies. The monthly social media trends summary content we prepare is based on the hundreds of industry posts and articles we read monthly, as well as our experience in our clients’ social media marketing efforts.

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Stay up to date with the latest social media developments for December 2022:

Instagram is making its Text Services Content planning tools available directly in the Instagram app. So we can schedule a picture, Carousel or Reels up to 75 days in advance .

On Instagram, this feature is only for the US, in the content creator marketplace, which is available in the US, you can now browse and show interest in branded content projects, publish content with automatic permissions, and follow the status of your projects directly from the creator market.

Instagram, a feature that Instagram released in November and that we all adapted very quickly, the

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