WhatsApp has launched polls in chats 

TikTok offers more users background sounds (music) that can be added while talking/singing — check out some examples if you haven’t tried the feature WhatsApp has launched polls in chats  yet.

TikTok is slowly expanding its in-app shopping options and Launches First In-App Stores in the US Pinterest has made its collage-making app Shuffles publicly available . For English-speaking countries

Facebook offers a “login prompts” feature for groups.

WhatsApp has officially introduced Communities to facilitate more structured discussion groups in the app .

Designed to help organizations, clubs, schools, and other private groups better communicate Benin Phone Number List and stay organized, Communities brings a host of new features to the messaging platform, including admin controls, support for subgroups and announcement groups, and 32-person voice and video calls. It will also feature in larger file sharing, emoji reactions and polls.

The communities themselves can support groups of up to 1,024 users and offer end-to-end encryption.

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Telegram has added various features for groups,  Text Services including topics, video message transcription, and “ collectable usernames .”

Meta Quest has launched STADIUM , a VR sports hub with live and on-demand sporting events in the US . You can watch with friends, experience games from the front row, control camera angles and more.

Twitter, A revised Twitter Blue verification program began “temporarily” on Dec. will be verified.” Individuals can also get a second small logo to show that they belong to a particular organization. However, let us remind you again that it is not open to everyone yet.


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