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Information about contacts and apps on your devices… Even if you go Product Industry. Into the details of each element. You will see that there is an option to automatically. Delete these histories (every 3, 18 or 36 months). Discover customization doesn’t end here. In addition to being able to define which languages ​​you want to appear. In your search and feed , you can choose through “Interests” different. Entities that you want to follow to add to your selection or block. Those topics about which you do not want to see more news about them. This thematic customization can be done from this configuration section, but also from the Discover feed itself.

In addition to being Product Industry able to define which languages

In this way, you can either “like” an article category email list or mark (and tell Google) that we are not interested in that news or the content on that topic (here we can begin to intuit the importance that entities have in Discover , since they are their base of operations). We can also define from said article that we do not want to see any more information produced by a specific digital medium or take other actions such as reporting the content or sending comments if it is considered inappropriate. Report content on Google Discover And we come to the end of these.

Have you been surprised by everything Google

Discover customization tips, so far, since all these elements Text Services have been changing since its inception, as well as its interface, so perhaps and depending on what device you are consulting this section from, You may find new options or modifications. Have you been surprised by everything Google knows about you? Well, it still knows a little more about your consumption in Discover, something that you can also consult… As you will see in the following screenshot, you can know, through the Your data > Activity on Google section, which cards, also known as cards, the algorithm has shown you and therefore from which entities you have received impressions and which of them you have used.

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