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As insect. The word “bug” comes from a very unique incident where an insect got trapped in a computer relay and caused the computer’s operation to be hindered. The purpose of debugging is to eliminate errors in the program so that the program can run normally. Debugging has several steps, namely identifying, finding the source of the bug, analyzing the bug, proving the analysis results, and fixing the bug. So, I hope this article was useful to you and added to your insights. Stay tuned for our next article. What is debugging? Why is it necessary? – end Also read the following selected articles to add your insights: What is a programmer? Things that must be mastered Black box testing of software White box testing of testing softwareReza Albian Jawas: Internet cafe owner .

Reza worked various jobs

and app developer Reza Albian Jawas (25) lecture at UGM is coming up. To pay for school, from waiter to Internet cafe operator. How about the struggle? Let’s take a look below. early independence If high school is usually synonymous. Wwith colorful youth stories, then Reza is different. He has lived independently since he was a child. For a better future, the first child of two siblings had to move 140 kilometers whatsapp database from their home in Indramayu to attend school in the city of Bandung. In the City of Flowers, Reza herself is a boarding house. In order to realize his parents’ wishes, he was willing to go to distant places to obtain knowledge. My father was a man who suffered a layoff disaster and later became a businessman with unstable income.

It was the sincere prayers of his parents

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improve the family’s status.that made Reza dream of studying at his favorite university, UGM in Yogyakarta. The waves and obstacles Reza faced during college were very challenging, so he was required to become a skilled  again to ensure that no errors occurred after the repair. So, what is debugging? how? At this point, do you understand what debugging is? Therefore, debugging is the process of TEXT Services finding and eliminating errors in a program or system. The word debugging is derived from the word “bug” which can be interprete that may prevent a program or system from functioning perfectly. Usually a program is made by writing veryJust like humans, AI requires data, knowledge and experience so that system on your PC or laptop.

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