What is the long tail in marketing and how does it influence the SEO of your website?


What is the long, Physical location The next step will be to tell you if you have. A physical point where you can serve your clients. If you do have it, you must indicate which one exactly, adding your postal. Code and physical address, so that the tool can place you on the map properly. Otherwise, you will be taken to the question “ Where do you offer your services to clients. which you must fill in with cities where you provide services or sell products. If you do not have a specific point with a physical store enabled. Where Do You Offer Your Services To Clients. Contact information Finally tell the platform what your contact. information is . If you have a switchboard or reception service. It would be advisable for this to be the means of contact. In any case, the next step will be to indicate what your Web.

I'm going to give you a very simple example:

What is the long, On the other hand, you are also looking for long tail terms for blog articles, here you can use “how to store long party dresses” or “how to make belts job function email list for party dresses” . The first time we heard of this term was in 2004. when the English journalist Chris Anderson published his article titled. The Long Tail, a success that preceded the bestseller written. by Anderson himself, The Long Tail Economy . This hypersegmentation of keywords is related to what Chris Anderson tells us in his book, where he states that the economy of the 21st century. will be for those who are able to monopolize retail sales. That is, we start from traditional products where consumption. is massive and we create “tail” items that fall into more specialized niches, where the sales volume is much smaller. However, the sum of these niches represents a sales figure of great magnitude.

Reduce traffic in quantity and increase it in quality

The use of long-tail keywords in a long-tail SEO strategy influences your website traffic. positioning and conversion. Let’s see how it does in Text Services each of these three factors. Improve positioning Long tail keywords have much less competition than more generic keywords. This means that you improve web positioning. making it much easier to reach the top positions on Google. Reduce traffic in quantity and increase it in quality Long-tail keywords do not have, as many searches as any other seed word. where the volume is always very high. However. the visits you receive on the web pages where you have implemented this strategy of using long tail keywords are of much higher quality, something that, without a doubt. benefits you in the conversion of the website.

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