We said that generation Z is more willing

Express themselves than other generations. For this reason, they like to share their own experiences as well as examine the experiences shared by others, comment on them and make a purchasing decision based on these experiences. For this reason, nu social media channels continue to be the main sources of purchasing inspiration for Generation Z consumers.

These findings highlight the importance of taking the age of your target audience into account when shaping buyer personas and your customer experience process in your social media strategies.

Generation Z expects the best in social media customer service.

Most brands are focused on promoting and growing their followers on social media. But many miss the opportunity to provide customer service through social platforms at another critical Slovenia Phone Number List moment in the customer journey, namely when making a purchase. However, the Z generation likes fast customer service actions through social media and wants to be able to receive this service from all brands.

There is no more critical moment in the customer journey than when consumers make a purchase. These findings show that there is a lot of room for brands to improve in this regard. Brands need to be equipped and staffed to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers for fast and efficient customer service.


Social media is their preferred way to communicate with you.

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Emails, phone calls, web chats and even store visits remain  Text Services the main channels. Many people turn to when they have questions about your products or services. But if Gen Z could only choose one channel to communicate with your brand, it would be social media. At the very least, we can definitely say that they will prefer it more than Millennials and Generation X consumers.

All this data shows that social media marketers need to incorporate customer. Service more into their social media strategies to build a strong social media presence. This process is too important to be considered as a digital marketing agency service on its own , and it is a step that brand owners should take an active part in. You should be able to go beyond simply responding quickly to messages and social posts that mention brands.

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