What is Bounce Rate Is With a Simple Example

Let’s Assume That an Average. Of 150 People Visit Your Website Every. Day Looking for the Information, Goods or Services. They Need. Half of the Users – 75 People – Did Not Find. What They Were Looking. For on the First Page and Left the Resource.

Another 75 people became interested in the content, went to the second and third page, bought or ordered something. We have a bounce rate of 50% because exactly half of all visitors left the first page.

This parameter is treated differently in different analytical systems. At Google, displaying only one page of a resource is considered a bounce. The indicator is calculated according to a simple formula: (number of visitors who opened only one page / total number of visitors) Each user who.

Opened Another Website in the Browser or Returned to

Bounce rate, or bounce rate , is a site performance metric that shows the percentage of total visits when a user Ws Data viewed no more than one page or spent less than 15 seconds on the page without taking action.

In this sense, the bounce rate is a behavioral factor taken into account in the SEO optimization of a resource. The analysis of this parameter plays an important role in the website positioning process and can tell a lot about user behavior. So let’s check what the bounce rate is and what can influence it.

Domain authority shows the rating of its website and its subdomains. Page authority reflects the ranking of individual websites.

Reasons for Rejections There Are Several Reasons

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Google has repeatedly reported that site loading speed is one of the important ranking factors. Search engines Text services care about user comfort, which is why slow websites receive a low rating. 90% of the time, visitors don’t want to wait for content to load and simply leave a slow site. As a result, the bounce rate increases.

For example, if the URL of a photo posted on a website contains keywords, teddy bears for children”, there is a high probability that it will appear in image search results. This is also a valuable tip for voice searches.

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