10 most relevant SEO bases when you are going to create a website

10 most relevant seo bases when you are going to create a website starting a new website project is always a challenge in every way that tickles my stomach, at least. When you take on a new development, and even more so if it is for a company or any type of business, there is a high degree of responsibility, because your professionalism is at stake and a lot of blame for the future success of that project. And if that project is also yours, the desire to achieve good results grows exponentially, don’t you think.

Adapted design or mobile version

Adapted design or mobile version. Nowadays, thinking about creating a website and not taking mobile into account is another big mistake, and still very common. Believe it or not and despite Google’s warning that since April 21, non-adapted websites would suffer drops in search results. Therefore, there are still people who email contact list think that the Internet is accessed from computers. The consumption of web pages from Smartphones is already above that from desktop computers.

Database categories

Database categories. If your website is going to present results from a database, such as an E-commerce in which all the products are stored. Therefore, or an office search engine, this part is vital. And what do I mean by this. Databases have the fields they store categorized to maintain a logical order. If your way of cataloging, for example, your products Text Services is not standard, and does not match. Therefore, the way in which these products are searched on Google. Therefore,you have a problem. which as you can imagine, has many fewer searches.

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