International SEO as a Strategy to attract more visits and improve your web positioning

Manages to attract a lot of web traffic from other countries. The internationalization of information is a fact already known to everyone, since through the Internet the contents of any website can be viewed from any country, and that is why I thought that a new way to attract more visitor traffic to the Blog was going to be through an International SEO strategy . Whenever we talk about International SEO we talk about a multilanguage strategy, and we define the architecture that our website will have,

Carry out an international keyword study

Carry out an international keyword study. Always when we carry out a keyword study.we normally encompass it in our country of origin, but on this occasion what we are going to do is a double analysis. So that we can find the search words that are common with different countries. Example 1: The keyword “get followers on Twitter” works very well in Google Spain but does not work well email database in other countries. Example 2: The keyword “ disadvantages of social networks ” works very well in many countries. For example, in Google Mexico it works much better than in Google Spain.

Analyze the incoming links obtained and their origin

 Analyze the incoming links obtained and their origin. As I mentioned before, we need to achieve authority and relevance in the different countries where we want to position our website or blog. So on the one hand we need to know from Text Services the content we are generating which ones are getting the most backlinks, as well as the country of origin. I always do this with the ahrefs tool. If you want to know how to use this fantastic SEO tool, don’t miss this ahrefs tutorial.

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