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Processes, infographics, models, etc. Landing Page So that your visitor (who is still a stranger) can access it, you will use a landing page , which is a page where the potential customer can, in exchange for the rich material, provide their data. Content Marketing: the secrets to attracting and engaging your audience This is how you generate leads ! You attract an audience with an ideal customer profile through relevant content and provide even more complete content through landing pages, which will be us to discover these people’s data. These are other examples of rich materials that can be.

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Us on a landing page : Manuals on a methodology; Organization spreadsheets; Diagnostic checklists; Savings or earnings calculator spreadsheets; Process blueprints; Performance comparisons; Between others. Tip: see real examples of rich materials in a practical Inbound Marketing strategy. How to generate successful new database Leads? Start your campaign by deepening your knowlge of who your ideal audience is, so that you can produce relevant content , that is, content that will attract and truly help your potential customers.

Personas are archetypes of the ideal buyer

¬†One of the ways to do this is through one of the Inbound Marketing tools , call Buyer Personas , develop by programmer Alan Cooper . Personas are archetypes of the ideal buyer, seen as a unique being, with emotional, psychological and behavioral characteristics . By analyzing these characteristics in depth and building your personas, you will have the ideal audience for your content, who are potential customers . What is Inbound Marketing? It is a methodology for attracting potential customers Text Services passively , which generates value so that the lead automatically and spontaneously enters the company’s sales funnel.

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