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Marketing strategy , lead generation can and should also be measur. Observe the rates of new visitors, conversion rates, site navigation, among others through reports on your website and tools such as Google Analytics . In the email marketing campaigns you create for lead nurturing , monitor the opening and conversion rates. It is important that everything is measur and report in the best way so that you can make follow-ups and comparisons according to your objectives.

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 If any result is not satisfactory, it is very likely that the problem lies in the incorrect creation of personas or in the content that is being produc. Investing in A/B tests is a great option for you to assess what generates the most conversion. Have you become a Lead? As I wrote this article, I found myself thinking: “Was I relevant enough to spark interest in generating leads? Did the person reading this article accept my tips and become an Orgânica lead?” An article Latest database teaching about lead generation, which also aims to generate leads , is practically a paradox! If you open any job classifis website, you will find vacancies for Digital Marketing analysts.

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And why so much demand? Because we are talking about one of the most important professions for companies that want to invest in their online presence . But do you know what a Digital Marketing analyst does ? What skills do recruiters expect from him? Why hire him? I’m Rodolfo Benetti, Strategy Director here at Orgânica, and I’ll help you find answers to these questions. Come with me! What does a Digital Marketing Analyst do? The functions perform by the Digital Marketing analyst may vary from company to company, but they are generally the professionals Text Services responsible for taking care of the entire strategic part of digital campaigns.

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