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The text, but also the design, everything must fit on the screen and be displayed quickly. Define the communication objective  email must meet a specific communication objective, and 1 single objective which can be a desire to: Information, it is a question of sharing value, for example in a newsletter; Prospecting, in this case we speak of cold emailing since you contact a person who does not know you; Loyalty, you do customer relationship management ; Promotion, you promote your offers and solutions. Write structured and readable emails It seems obvious, but sending pleasant to read e-mails with an up-to-date design is necessary for the success of your e-mailing campaign. Even if the message is important, do not neglect the visual! email marketing Thus,  your graphic charter . They are fully in line with the values ​​of your company and they do not hide the text. In addition, avoid placing a single large photo.

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Favor small visuals, which are more dynamic and less heavy to load. The text must be structured, uncluttered and readable. So, as in an article, place titles if necessary. Jump to the line between each paragraph and if your activity allows it, add emojis to humanize the content. Use marketing automation tools to improve performance As we saw above, task automation software , also called marketing automation , makes it possible to quickly collect emails from potential customers. In fact, they have many other advantages for successful Germany WhatsApp Number List email  campaigns. A marketing automation tool is able to do all the so-called time-consuming actions for you. For example, it sends LinkedIn™ messages and personalized emails, collects contact details and telephone numbers, performs lead scoring and segmentation of leads. Marketing automation is therefore a powerful lever to save time and improve performance! A tool that encompasses precisely all these features and much more is the  software.

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It is a software in Software As A Service, and can be of great use to you in the development of your business, this in optimizing not only your time but also your marketing strategies. Click here for more details. There are various data collection tools, including Bright Data which you can learn about here . Note: the article contains some affiliate links but Text Services this does not change our recommendations because we really recommend the tools. Do you want to learn how to attract professional clients with LinkedIn™, without forcing? Choose the slot that suits you in the agenda of one of our experts How to write a marketing email that converts? The subject of the email The subject of the email the element that directly influences the opening rate.

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