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Also gives talks on Twitter around the world.And reviews plugins in the plugin directory. One of her most famous speeches is her speech on: You are not code. You can follow through on. Sarah Gooding women live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the One of the spokespersons, very famous in the community. Her official title is yes. However, she does have a website call . Like the other influential women on our shortlist, she has given a lot of speaking engagements around the world. One of her most famous speeches comes from: . You can follow í on . Siobhan McCown is a writer and events director for Women in Yes. She is known for.

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You can find the site at . Contribut to core, docs, talks, and even organiz like and such. One of the most famous speeches she gave at Lecture Europe: Turning Ideas into Reality. You can follow through on. Andre You can find her blog at . Shes also spoken on , one of her most famous speeches being. How the Greatest Can Build Community. You can follow Bulk SMS Ukraine through on. The Women in Jennifer is one, responsible for community debate. Her blog is on (aka). She has contribut a lot to the community. She influenc some of the design on the back end, as she is the user experience lead for Toban. Also helps and trains the team.

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The most famous speech comes from, The only constant is change. You can follow through on. Andrea Jalenick, a woman from New Brunswick, Canada, is a Customer Support Technical Supervisor. You can find her on her website. For many years, has been speaking on the Internet. In case you didn’t know, she’s the co-author of . You can follow through on. Michelle Schulp is a graphic and web designer from Minneapolis who runs Women in. She is Text Services known for designing many character graphics. Although she is not the founder, she is known in the community as an unofficial Known for her mascot design images; her work has been seen across the globe.

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