What is “htaccess” and what is it for?

The HTACCESS file is usually found in the root folder of the website. For example, in WordPress it is in the “public_html” folder, that is, in the main installation folder. It is located there, mainly because all the functions or commands in it. Directly affect all the folders in the root of the installation. Now that you know what htaccess is and where to find htaccess. Surely, if you didn’t know about its existence, you will be wondering how to edit it. This is a fairly recurring doubt. And let me tell you that, fortunately. The options to edit this file are not very visible to the WordPress user. And I say “fortunately” because it is a fairly sensitive file, since, in case of incorrect or erroneous handling. There may be a 500 error or your website may stop working completely. Therefore, I only recommend.

What is htaccess and what is this file for?

If the Web hosting service you use has a “cPanel” service. For managing the files of your Online project, you can easily find the .htaccess file email leads here. You just have to enter the folders that make it up and look for the one under the name. ” public_html “. It is located inside it and you will recognize it by its classic text file icon. Htaccess File In Cpanel If you want to edit it. Depending on the Hosting company you have, they will allow you to open. It from the platform itself, edit it right there and save the changes. Although it may also be that they do not allow direct editing. For which you will have to download it locally, edit it and then upload it again to the “public_html” folder. Overwriting the previous version of the file.

Where is the htaccess file located in WordPress?

Although it is true that ” Yoast SEO ” is one of the most used plugins today. You also have a little more focused possibilities in this file. One option to Text Services edit this file is “ Htaccess Editor – Safely Edit Htaccess File. Which you can download from the official WordPress repository and is also free, just like the previous one. Once installed, it is anchored in the “Tools” section within the backend of your own Website. Or Blog and is displayed as simply as the one you see in the image. Htaccess Editor – Safely Edit Htaccess File And now, once we know exactly what the .htaccess file of a website is, where it is located and how we can edit it. I would like you to know some of the best tricks you can apply to it. And for this, on this occasion I have invited José Ramón Padrón.

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