What are Breadcrumbs what are they for

Do you know what Breadcrumbs are and what role they play on a Web page. I’m sure that at some point you have visited a site with a very strange link hierarchy or categorization. making navigation so complex and unintuitive that you end. up abandoning it. As I always say, making both Google. And the user feel comfortable when visiting our blog or the website of our business. Providing them with simple and intuitive navigation, is something that will benefit. Us in terms of their experience and will allow us retain users for much longer on our pages. Furthermore, if you already know what SEO is you will also know. That there are techniques that promote usability and help to clearly distinguish. The sections or categories of our site, such as Breadcrumbs. And precisely, this is the topic I come to talk to you about today. But do you know what they are about exactly?

What are the types of Breadcrumb that exist?

Breadcrumbs also called “bread crumbs” in Spanish, are a collection of links with a defined hierarchical structure. Which email database help the user know which area or section of the website. They are in with respect to the main page. From this definition we can deduce that, in other words. It tells us “how far” we are from the “homepage” or start page of a certain website. It is very likely that this element is something that you. Have not noticed when browsing an online store or a blog, but they really serve the purpose of mentally placing. The user in the exact place on the Web where they are at all times. Therefore, we can say that it plays a role in facilitating usability. At all times for our visitors and, therefore, making their navigability more comfortable, as I mentioned before.

How to activate Breadcrumbs in your WordPress?

As you can see, at the top of the post title we can see a structure that tells us where we are. The designation « Blog » in this case is the Text Services cover of the blog of the PrestaShop Website in Spanish. which I have taken as an example, followed by a section or category called. “ECommerce Tips” and, finally, the area in which we are currently located. which in our case is the specific article that we have on the screen. Here we have a well-designed hierarchical structure. Because the user knows at all times that they are in a specific category of this company’s Blog. Followed by a post referring to the previously named category. What are the types of Breadcrumb that exist. These elements symbolize the structure of a website. But this can vary according to the implementation we give it.

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