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 In addition, through this email marketing tool, you will be able to access statistics about your marketing activities: open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe, return emails, etc. Thanks to the creation of the channel, you will be able to process emails quickly and intuitively, automatically. Create a send stream based on subscriber behavior. Simple mail interface Its automation tool performs automatic segmentation based on subscriber information.

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This will help you to send content that subscribers want to see in a fully personalized way(for example, to send offers from online stores new data  only to women). It has a free plan that allows subscribers and up to a maximum of emails per month. Pros: Spanish support. Hundreds of pre-built templates. Designed for high conversion rates. Disadvantages: It does not allow to tag users. Free programs do not allow automation.

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 Based in Portugal, this tool is not just an email marketing tool, it is a multi-channel Swiss Army knife that involves all marketing tools: email, automation, text messaging, push notifications, social networks, transactional emails, and more. Self-interface – Text Services Developed by a Portuguese company with more than one user in several countries, it sends more than one million emails and more than one million text messages per month.

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