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H1 heading and meta tags can eliminate keyword cannibalization completely. If the topics also differ from each other. They usually have their own keywords. Summary google has stat that it will not issue penalties for duplicate content or cannibalization of search terms. Such as dropping the site to really low rankings in the search results. However. Google may not respond to a page that contains a lot of the same content as another page. As i mention earlier. This causes a decrease in search engine visibility. Google values ​​and rewards pages with original. Unique and relevant content.


Such as using canonical tags

But there are several ways. Such as using canonical tags. Combining content or optimizing content for different keywords. If you ne help fixing double content b2b leads problems. Feel free to contact us ! See also google penalty google tools in which situations are rirections made and why? Seo as support for growth in lead acquisition and online stores when you want to learn more about the possibilities of search engine optimization. Download the free seo-cro guide! Download the free seo cro guide googles discovery ads arriv in


Becoming one of the most popular

Native ads are slowly becoming one of the most popular online advertising targets and the trend is only growing. But what exactly are native ads? And how can you achieve Text Services similar benefits with googles discovery ads? Read on and youll know. Native ads slip into mia content with a journalistic touch native ads differ from traditional sales ads in that they mimic the look and feel of the specific mia in which they are plac. Native ads resemble traditional journalistic content. I.e. The site visitor may not even notice that it is an ad (but every native ad must be mark as an ad or commercial collaboration for the sake of transparency).


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