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You will notice this phenomenon yourself by visiting. For example. The pages of iltalehti. Native marketing reaches the readers attention in the middle of banner blindness. The web magazine bursts with banners and you unconsciously scroll past them reading only the content of the articles. Because a native ad is similar to buying an article on a website. Its headline gets significantly more conscious reading time than a traditional ad banner. You probably wont even realize youve click on a native ad until you suddenly land on the advertisers website or article.


Discovery ads can also be us for every step of our mrace

Discovery ads can also be us for every step of our mrace © model. The format of the ads is very similar to the responsive ads of the display network. So with discovery ads. Googles advertising business email list expert feels right at home. The format of the ads resembles the responsive ads of the display network because discovery ads appear strongly in conjunction with content. Their most effective angle is at the top of the funnel in reach to generate interest. At its best. When you provide valuable and engaging content. Your ad can become the first research source your potential customers go to when theyre trying to solve a specific problem. An example of a customers path in discovery ads advertising


Advertisers website to read the article

The user clicks on the ad and goes to the advertisers website to read the article. The user reads through the article on the website. After reading the article. Several things can happen the user becomes more aware of your brand and your companys Text Services services. The user continues and gets to know the online service more deeply by reading other interesting content. If the article is really interesting. He can subscribe to the newsletter. If the user has given marketing permission to the cookie notification. He will also be add to the remarketing list. And advertising can be target more precisely with this in the future. In the best case. He goes to the product page and buys the product.


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