Tent that interests the customer

Discovery ads traffic was really cheap compar to other channels. The ads were actively respond to. And the conversion price was at best at the level of search advertising. Although discovery brings the best results in the reach phase. Arousing the interest of new potential customers. It also work extremely well in the convert phase. Bringing in leads through the contact form. Growing traffic in an extremely competitive industry one of our clients has a b2c service aim at consumers. Which is extremely competitive in search advertising. Click prices rise to several euros in search and


We also fac our own retailers

Raising awareness and increasing dealer site visits our client had the challenge of getting increas product awareness and boost retailers page business lead visits in their own b2c online store. In search advertising. In addition to competitors. We also fac our own retailers. So the goal was to find new channels to increase traffic and also product awareness. A lot of ucational content relat to the products had been creat on the site. Which allow us to bring in very affordable traffic from discovery. Since the same content was offer to both new and loyal customers. The goal of the campaign was to finish reading the blog post.


The main goal of the campaign

Discovery ads is also excellent in remarketing. Where you want to reach a customer who is already aware of the service and get him back to Text Services the site. The main goal of the campaign was to get the customer to read the content and click the cta buttons to move forward on the site in the act phase. We got these micro-conversions at a very affordable price of €0.42. And this also spawn offers at the end of the purchase path. What have we learn about discovery ads? Discovery ads has risen almost unnotic alongside social mia advertising and especially programmatic buying as a channel that very few still actively use as a


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