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Google does not directly penalize duplicate Process or quickly content. But often duplicate content can cannibalize the search terms own already rank text content. Thats why its important to understand what double content is and which search term(s) it starts ranking for. The site allows and can use double content however. You dont have to completely avoid duplicate content. For example. In an online store. Warranty. Return. Exchange texts and the like are usually completely similar to each other.

Canonical tag is add to your sites source code and tells

The rel = canonical tag is add to your sites source code and tells google which of the double content pages is the original b2b email list and which of the pages is to be display on the search results page. The tag in question drives the same amount of link juice as 301 rirects and is completely relevant in solving duplicate content problems. In wordpress. Defining canonical tags is easy. E.g. With the help of the yoast seo plugin . How do you detect possible duplicate content?

Fixing problems fixing duplicate

b2b email list

Fixing problems fixing duplicate content and keyword cannibalization problems is very case-specific. But there are several ways. Canonical tag – google can be assign the most important Text Services page by adding the canonical tag to the page. The url of the page that you want to appear in the search results is add to the canonical tag. For example. A is lift from pages a. B and c. And the url of page a is add to pages b and c. This makes pages b and c secondary from googles point of view.

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