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Only those whom I can help with my writings and who want help on their own journey. That’s enough. <3 24. I made promises I didn’t remember to keep Partly this is due to my undiagnosed add. Working memory is only narrow enough that a good idea and thought gets buried under other thoughts and ideas super fast. I know that I have promised many things publicly on this blog. And I humbly apologize for not having remembered them. You can remind me of these forgetfulness! I don’t regret it and maybe along the way I will one day learn to put all my promises in a calendar or notebook so they don’t get buried under other things. Summary (haha, I forgot)  avoided. But the number of mistakes can be reduced by listening to what kind of mistakes others have made and trying to avoid the same mistakes.

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If you’re new to blogging, you’re in the danger zone. If no one ever tells you what kind new database of mistakes they’ve made, you’re going to have to go through everything the hard way. Even though it is educational, you spend a lot of time and energy on things that could have been avoided. That’s why I want to walk alongside you and tell you what not to do so that you can move forward faster. Bloggers blatantly violate Facebook’s rules To social media | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent Have you been caught sharing sponsored content on Facebook? Did you know that’s not allowed? So recommending other people’s products and services on Facebook without Facebook’s permission?  throat, sit down for a moment and read this post. If you’re still on Facebook, you haven’t been banned or your account closed, don’t worry.

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A large part of bloggers did not know that sharing sponsored content on Facebook is NOT ALLOWED unless Facebook has given permission. Sponsored content has been allowed Text Services to be shared on Facebook if it has been part of a paid campaign. Whoops! Facebook has justified the ban by saying that it does  not allow others to take advantage of its large user base – for free. It wasn’t until the spring of 2016 that Facebook started granting permission to celebrities and influencers to share posts on their own pages – without paid advertising. Why should Facebook get its share of the sponsored post? Think of it this way.

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