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Your blog is visited by 20,000 people a week. You spend a lot of time writing good content, you serve your partners professionally, and you get “paid” for your work – money, products, visibility or gift cards. Then one day one reader decides to take advantage of your audience of 20,000 readers and adds a comment to 15 different posts with his own affiliate link in the hope of making money. Foxy? The situation is a bit the same as when you go to ABC, you see empty bottles on the container return shelves, you take the bottles and take them to the bottle return machine. You benefit  A) paid for the original bottles, but B) you get a deposit on the bottles. ABC, on the other hand, is left licking its fingers. So what is it about? Facebook already released the

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Branded Content tool in the spring of 2016, so it is not a new feature. In the beginning, the tool was only used by celebrities, big companies and opinion influencers. Since spring 2017, the tool is also aimed at bloggers. In fact, not many bloggers know that as of March 2017, this is a must-have tool if you want to share collaborative or sponsored posts on Facebook. Mandatory because if new data you don’t use the tool and share collaborative posts, Facebook may “hide” the post completely. I don’t even want to speculate what will happen if this rule is broken enough times… I didn’t know this either, so I give all the thanks to Saud, Helmi and Kasia , who asked for moreout about this. Facebook’s Branded Content tool or, in Finnish.

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 Brand content publication ” We define branded content as content from a creator or publisher that features or is influenced by a business partner in exchange for value . Creators are public figures or Text Services influencers. Publishers mean media companies and units. Business partners are brands, advertisers, marketers and sponsors .” In Finnish, this  means that when you write blog posts in which you recommend or present the company’s / entrepreneur’s products, you should tag the company / entrepreneur in the Facebook post in the future. More transparency = less hidden advertising = better content for every FB feed. Sounds fair, right? The company / entrepreneur, on the other hand, can see on their own FB page that you have added them to the publication and can see for themselves how many comments, reactions and shares your publication receives. The tool should be used if you, as a blogger/publisher, receive some kind of compensation from a

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