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To get where we want, we must improve, add, incorporate new tools into our luggage. But that is not enough; as prof. Govindarajan explains very clearly (and in his way, so does my venerable mother) to grow and evolve we must leave some things behind: that is the second box; everything that work in the past but will not work in the future must be able to be question, and the organization capable of giving it up, if it is the toll to cross the bridge to the future we want. The third box (i will reserve the second for last, seeking to be clearer in the explanation) is the future: where we want to go; any person who has spent time within an organization,

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Neless to say, it is not simple, and it is easier to advise than to do. Executives and managers forge careers by identifying opportunities and moving organizations after them, and success undoubtly strengthens the ego: it is very hard to assume with humility that what has work for us is no longer enough for us. Furthermore, being human, time seems to increase business database our reluctance to change, so great personal discipline is requir to maintain the ability to assume the risks of failure, or the sheer discomfort that all change involves.

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 Prof. Govindarajan’s thesis does not end at the business or organizational level: this theory of the 3 boxes works perfectly for daily life. Let us contemplate for a moment the capacity and the elements of functioning of the human mind; If we couldn’t forget (some things more than others), we would collapse. Forgetting is a mechanism Text Services with which we have been gift, to improve ourselves and why not, to be happy again. Paraphrasing the great René Descartes: “I forget, therefore I am.” Forget what doesn’t add up, discard what distracts, focus on what is useful, what is valuable, and what we really want for the future; forgetting as a survival mechanism, as if our life depend on it: that’s what it’s all about.

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