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The year was 2002 and the once computing giant, IBM, was navigating turbulent waters. His empire built around computing and “mainframes” (the “irons”, those enormous servers and equipment, which in their first version, decades ago, had made NASA capable of putting man on the Moon) look threaten by the appearance of a host of different competitors (first Apple, then Microsoft, then Intel, then Dell, then Google) that were revamping, if not destroying, the rules of the game in their sector. Sam Palmisano, an executive with many years of experience within the company itself, had just been nam CEO (executive director) with the mission of putting the giant back into combat position (I want to make a small digression here: if pivoting the strategy of A mium-siz company can be complicat, the colossal task of turning the destiny of a multinational like

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 Palmisano’s first decisions involv a very high range of decisional costs: from licensing the old board of directors (venerable institution of the old IBM, but whose spe of resolution – weeks, if not months – no longer match the spe of changes in the industry), reallocate the incentive and remuneration system, until liquidating profitable operations at the time (such as the sale of personal computers business lead to Lenovo in 2005) and refining the future strategy for the company: e-business on demand, a turn which accelerat the shift towards computer services undertaken by its precessor, which has evolv to cloud computing services, business analytics and the development of Watson, an icon in the advancement of cognitive computing.

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 How did they achieve it? We could try to explain it using the approach of Prof. Vijay Govindarajan (Harvard; Tuck, Dartmouth College) and his “3-box solution”. The approach is great due to its simplicity and the wide range of applications it has. The first box is what Text Services we are involv in today, and that gives us results: our present; The options we have here involve being efficient and optimizing as much as possible, while dealing with minor changes and daily events in the environment. and has seen it evolve or grow, will have notic that in the process of that evolution, new people, new knowlge, new processes, often new visions and also new values ​​have been incorporat.

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