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Probably those who tore their clothes spoke more shelter from prejudice, and overcome – understandably, of course – by anger, impotence and the desire for justice and perhaps revenge. But it is clear that under this attitude it is very little possible to evaluate arguments. And the arguments provid by Arendt may be controversial and even unfriendly, but in no way despicable. It is clear that Arendt’s study did not seek to justify the monstrous acts of a Nazi, but rather to bring to light, to the extent possible, the motivations that made Eichmann that disciplin practitioner of evil who inflict unspeakable suffering on millions of human beings.

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 Years later, an iconoclastic Frenchman would again follow the trail of the Nazi bureaucrat, but this time through a dramatic work prec by a short essay: Eichmann’s Dream . Michel Onfray would try to demonstrate in this work that the bestial precept of the Nazis and specifically the one embodi business email list in that dark and sadly famous German lieutenant colonel, and contrary to what is usually believ, would be closer to the enlighten Kant than to the Luciferian Nietzsche, this thinker. which is usually taken as the alleg source from which the Aryan racism assum by the hierarchs and accomplices of the Third Reich would have drawn.

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My mother, a very wise woman, us to repeat to me when I was a child: “Growing up is learning to leave some things behind.” His approach contain an economic concept, which he us a lot in Text Services classes on strategy: “trade off”, the cost of every decision; what you give in exchange for what you want to receive; positively, the compensation for your choice; in raw form, what you should be willing to leave behind to get – perhaps, because you never know – to a better place (because there is always an implicit risk).

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