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As compensation, Facebook considers e.g.: money of the product service commission the right to use the company’s service for a limited period of time candy gift card or the ever-so-great “free visibility” In these cases, the Branded Content tool must be used in the Facebook publication. Best of all, the tool also works the other way around. A company can add you to their own publication and give you a lot of exposure without you having to do anything. When someone shares a post from the company’s page, your information and your blog’s page remains in the original post and ends up in front of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of eyes. Branded Content or Affiliate marketing? Using the  reporting of  marketing . If you publish or share your own post with an affiliate link on Facebook, as well as the blog post THAT the FB post must be mentioned If you share someone else’s post on your own FB page, you don’t need to report  marketing or use the Branded Content tool.

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Company/entrepreneur in exchange for a post/publication. The limit is whether you benefit from the post in some way or not. If you cooperate with Companies, I recommend adding a clause in the written contract that you have permission to add the company’s FB page to your own publication. How to use the tool? If you don’t already have the Brand Content Publishing tool, request it from Facebook here .  write 3 blog posts in one day For time management , content production | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 141 Twitter Pinterest 2 LinkedIn Annoying, right? While other bloggers latest database publish new content systematically and steadily – some even seven days a week – your battle begins as soon as you open your laptop. “What the hell am I writing about this time?” You’re definitely not the only one struggling with a blank piece of paper. I myself suffer from it from time to time. Now I have the tube on though – this is the third post today That’s why I want to write as many blog posts as possible now, in case of future “writer’s blocks”.

More information: This is how you

And when one hits… It’s disgusting to watch days and weeks go by without getting anything published . Wondering how I manage to write 3 blog posts in one day? In this Text Services post I will tell you my secret. Also watch the video at the end of the post, where I show you how to make versatile content on social media using one blog post. This is how you write 3 blog posts in one day I know what you are thinking: ” It’s good for you to write three blog posts a day when you have all day! I go to work, take care of the children and the house and prepare the food. I only have 30 minutes… ” This is how you write 3 blog posts in one day It’s true that because of my work, I can fit many hours of writing time into my day. However, I can promise that after reading this, you will have tools at your disposal that will help you write more in less time.

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