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To measure and track site and campaign performance and to ultimately understand their customers.up until 2020 the interface was known as universal analytics (ua). It is being supersee by google analytics 4 (ga4) and indee ua will be fully retire by 2023. It’s clear that ga4 is here to stay and it will soon be the only analytics platform from google. So whether you’re a fan. Or not. Now is the time to migrate your website from ua to ga4! Many users of ua have found the transition to ga4 to been painful and it gets put on the back burner. Google analytics has always been the go-to platform for most anyone working in digital marketing. 

Google analytics has always been the go-to platform

We will look here at the key differences between ua and ga4 and issues people have found. Including the less-intuitive interface and difficulty new data  in finding or creating the reports we’re all use to using day to day. We will cover: what is ga4? What’s new in ga vs ua4? How does ga4 compare to ua? Preparing for the end of ua you can also check out our other ga4 detaile guides here. So. When google shuts down ua. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running with ga4. Setting up ga4 – a how to guide a guide to reporting in ga4 “you won’t be able to use universal analytics to track your website data from july 2023 and historical reports and data will be delete from the tool in 2024.” what is ga4 google analytics 4. Known as ga4. Is the latest iteration of google analytics and was launche in october 2020. Unlike previous versions of google analytics. I.e. Classic analytics. (launche 2005) and universal analytics.

Ga4 is not built to measure website visits or sessions

Ga4 is not built to measure website visits or sessions: rather it is built to measure website and mobile app interactions. Known as events. This is important as Text Services deeper insights into the types of actions people take on a website. Not just the visit and what pages they looke at. While events are available in universal analytics. They can be difficult to set up for non-technical marketers or those with limite knowlege of tools like google tag manager. This meant that a lot of important page interaction data was not reporte automatically in universal analytics. Ga4 aims to address this. Furthermore. Tracking page interaction events were not the primary metric or measurement focus of older versions of google analytics which focuse simply on visits.

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