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 Regardless of their technical capabilities. What’s new in ga vs ua4? There are important differences between ga and ua4 and we will be discussing these differences as we walk you through the importance. Configuration. And uses of ga4. But first. Here is a snapshot of the key differences between the platforms: ua neee cookies to run. Ga4 doesn’t. Alongside cookie tracking. Ga4 comes fully equippe to comply with consent mode and will offer behavioral modeling. Ua was built for session tracking. Ga4 was built for user tracking (across multiple sessions and devices). That is tracking individuals and their actions instead of total visits. So ga4 puts events at the center of its tracking and this gives access to deeper understanding for all marketers.

That is tracking individuals

Ua supports multiple views. Ga4 doesn’t support multiple views though this may change ua stores data for up to 50 months. Ga4 stores event data for up to 14 months (which saves resources new database for google) ua has more standard reports – ga4 has fewer standard reports but supports more custom-built reports through explorations ua processes events in under 4 hours. Ga4 takes up to 72 hours to process them (this saves resources for google’s servers) we can noticeably see critical differences between the two platforms and how they operate.

Privacy ga4 gives brands more control

 But are these differences a welcome change or a cumbersome mandate? We have to compare the platforms to be able to answer that question. How does ga4 compare to ua? We are all assuming that the fact that google decide to replace ua with ga4 means that ga4 is superior to ua. But is this really the case? We have compare the platforms to see how they fare against one another. Why is ga4 better? Text Services areas where ga4 becomes a welcome development for digital marketers use to using ua. Why choose dmi? 1. Privacy ga4 gives brands more control over how they collect. Process and store the data of their users. When collecting data.

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